Reflection of the gradual, of diversity, of the diaphanous and transparent, of the perpetual, broken and at the same time resistant and of disinterested beauty …

for femininity, beauty and seduction

made for you

Designed to inspire you

Delight in the details, the harmony of the colours and the sensuous feel of the fabrics.

Pampering the goddess in you

Sensitive, bohemian, different and ethical clothing. Full of creativity, details and unique combinations of colors and fabrics.

Since 2013, Camila has been telling inspiring stories with her bikinis.

I was studying Fine Arts in Teruel and the trip was 6 hours by bus. I used to take advantage of the journey to sew.I loved to sew. I played with my designs and in a few hours I could have improvised a garment.

My parents saw my love for sewing, and so they gave me a sewing machine. I sewed clothes and toys for my son and myself.

Mis padres, viendo mi afición por la costura, me regalaron una máquina de coser. Cosía ropa y juguetes para mi hijo y para mí. Era como un juego. Hasta que un día abrí mi caja de retales y creé mi primer bikini. It was like a game. Until one day I opened my box of scraps and created my first bikini.

It had nothing to do with the bikinis she was used to seeing. It was artistic and unique.

Friends and family who saw it started asking me for one for themselves. They liked having a unique and exclusive garment.

That summer my friends wore sensitive, bohemian, different and ethical bikinis.

They were garments full of taste for creativity; he had enjoyed devising and designing each one. I wanted them to convey the love with which I had made them and the taste for details, for beauty, for combinations and fabrics.

I have to thank my mother for this passion for creativity, a great artist and painter, who taught me to see through her eyes and to enjoy beauty, lights, colors, contrasts.

Feel and discover for yourself if Camila is for you

If you’re a woman who is mindful of and sensitive to the beauty in life.

If you feel the need to have something beautiful,
comfortable and exclusive.

If it’s important to feel unique in your intimacy.

your instincts won't deceive you.

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EU 34/36 36/38 38/40
US/Canada 2/4 4/6 6/8
AU/UK 6/8 8/10 10/12