About Camila

I studied arts, finding a deep connection to aesthetics and artistic expression. Since then, I have sought to beautify the world through art. In 2013, while pursuing my studies, I felt a burning need to express myself artistically. It was then that I brought to life my first unique textile creations, giving birth to the iconic Camila bikini, which became the symbol of my brand.My collaborative partner, Alicia, has dedicated nearly 30 years to her beloved vocation in textile design. Our long history of mutual admiration and respect has shaped our collaboration. Her professionalism and expertise support and give tangible form to my creativity. In our partnership, art and technique go hand in hand, creating a unique balance. Together, we are committed to artisanal and sustainable production, where each piece is an expression of our shared passion for beauty and creativity.

In Camila CTG, the relationship between our team and collaborators is fundamental, reflecting the essence of what we do in every step of the process. We are deeply grateful to all those who contribute with their love and time to our project. We remember with gratitude those who are no longer with us, leaving an indelible mark in our growth. Special recognition to José, who taught me the basics of cutting, pattern making and savoir-faire.