We're part of the change

With its huge environmental footprint, the garment industry is contributing to the destruction of our planet.

We have a responsibility, which is why we feel committed to create efficiently while minimising waste.

As a result,
at Camila we're committed to

Local production

100% of our garments are made in Barcelona and surrounding areas, directly from our hands to yours. This allows us to control the entire process, and to craft our product in more limited quantities.

Recycled and recyclable packaging

We take advantage of the many beautiful materials we have in our warehouse to wrap your orders.

Depending on what you order, it will arrive in a recycled and recyclable craft box, or in an envelope with a drawing. We make it as pretty as possible so you can use it again, or simply recycle it.

From 2020, we’re committed to using biodegradable mailing bags.

You can also collect your orders in our warehouse to avoid transport.

Fair labour conditions

We’re not just a pretty exterior. We pay fair wages to the people who help us make all this a reality, and we’re committed to taking care of those who work with us day in and day out.

Our working conditions forbid labour exploitation, child labour and discrimination.

We also champion a healthy and clean workplace.

This should all go without saying, but it’s often ignored and we think it’s essential.

Don’t you agree?

You can help too.

Buy less and buy smart

That way you’ll buy fewer mass-produced products that are better for everyone

The Fast Fashion industry wants you to buy impulsively and compulsively, more and more at ever lower prices. Where’s the value in that?

Clothing is your second skin, it’s something that goes right against your body. Very intimate. That’s why we suggest you buy what you need, what you love, what fulfils you. Look for sustainable, high-quality products.

Less stuff that lasts more.

Gentle wash in cold water

How you wash your clothes has a large impact on the environment

By using cold water, you’ll save electricity and your clothes will stay like new for longer and they will last more.

Line dry clothes. A dryer uses a lot of electricity. If you do use it, use short cycles.

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Size guide

Bikinis & Underwear Sets / Sets

EU 80/85 90/95 100/105
US/Canada 34/36 36/38 38/40
AU/UK 34/36 36/38 34/36
EU 34/36 36/38 38/40
US/Canada 2/4 4/6 6/8
AU/UK 6/8 8/10 10/12


EU 34/36 36/38 38/40
US/Canada 2/4 4/6 6/8
AU/UK 6/8 8/10 10/12