About Camila

Quality lingerie and swimwear

Our garments are designed down to the last detail for you.

We handle each and every step involved in making the garments.

Beauty and comfort are the top priorities of our imaginative and innovative designs.

We select the best fabrics and create all our patterns so they adapt perfectly to you, like a super natural second skin.

We can’t live without colour

Colour gives us life and joy, which is why it’s so important to everything we do.

We take great care when choosing the colours in threads, elastics, in our typical patterns and in how they’re combined. We won’t settle for any colour and we won’t rest until we find the ideal colour for each element.

All our designs are unique and made in-house

With a background in arts, Camila, the brand’s founder and designer, has always been mindful of the language of art.

Camila doesn’t follow trends in art. This allows for a lot of freedom in the designs, which are unique and subjective.

Celebrating the sexiest, most feminine side of you.

Enjoy the comfort of Camila at all times. Feel like you’re wearing a second skin with versatile garments that can be worn both outside and at home.

Your insticts won't deceive you.

When the cold weather comes, we want you to always feel like you’re on the beach or underneath the covers, even if you have to go outside.

Think about being in pyjamas all day, or in a velour or tulle gown that goes well with your heels on a night out, or an elegant nightgown for a daring, elegant and Bohemian look.

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Size guide

Bikinis & Underwear Sets / Sets

EU 80/85 90/95 100/105
US/Canada 34/36 36/38 38/40
AU/UK 34/36 36/38 34/36
EU 34/36 36/38 38/40
US/Canada 2/4 4/6 6/8
AU/UK 6/8 8/10 10/12


EU 34/36 36/38 38/40
US/Canada 2/4 4/6 6/8
AU/UK 6/8 8/10 10/12